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Benefiting Delaware

The Mallard Conservation Initiative

Mid-Atlantic Coast

DU has conserved over 14,000 acres in Delaware and has plans to restore nearly 1,000 acres of wetlands within the Delaware and Chesapeake Bay watersheds over the next two years. Ducks Unlimited has invested $2.4 million in Delaware conservation programs.


Welcome to the New Castle County Chapter of Ducks Unlimited webpage. 
From this "pothole," we will bring you exciting news about our chapter, from information on upcoming NCCo DU events, to important conservation news, and most importantly, how you can contribute to the important mission of Ducks Unlimited.

From the desk of the (Outgoing) Committee Chairman...


Three years and 13 fundraising events, I officially pass the torch of leadership to the new NCCo Chairman Josh Reeves. Josh has been a longstanding member of the NCCo Ducks committee and is looking to help the rebuilding process. Like any good duck hole, you need to change things up or the ducks take a quick look and pass you by.

Over the last three years we worked to reinvent NCCo Ducks by reducing the number of events, that were not successful and took more effort on behalf of the committee than the net result for the ducks. We had a few new faces and we lost a few faces who decided to pursue other charitable causes. We knew that it would be a tough walk in the marsh, but we knew the few that stuck by could get the job done.

NCCo DU raised almost $100K in the last three years with a shoestring budget and a crew of passionate dedicated volunteers. With the help of Alan Spiro and the Clarion Hotel "the Belle" we reinvented our Spring Dinner and recognized 15 individuals for their "commitment to conservation". When the golf tournament seemed to be on it's last leg we pushed in the face of adversity and held our 9th annual golf tournament, in 2012, and will be holding our 10th annual next year in June. We reinvented our shoot program and pulled off a very unique shoot with 81 targets in a 3-bird covey rise format. We also added a new shoot in October 2012, The Pumpkin Blast!, and the inaugural event shows great promise for the ducks!

The last three years haven't been without struggle, but the NCCo Chapter pulled their boot straps up, grassed up the blind and moved the decoys around to pull in those wary birds. The ground work has been laid and now its Josh's turn to carry the torch.

It's been a real honor to work along such a fine group of volunteers these last three years. I can honestly say that "...I came for the cause, and stayed for the people..." isn't just a saying for me. It means much more, and I am glad I was able to grace the pages of NCCo DE DU history as chairman. Thank you again

Jason Crook
Outgoing - Chairman, NCCo Ducks Unlimited


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Total DU Membership: 6,904
General Members: 5,682
Greenwings: 816
Legacy Greenwings: 47
Sponsor Members: 195
Total grassroots dollars raised last year: $565,121
Total acres conserved in Delaware: 14,000+




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